• General Manager Assistant (1)

    Job Responsibilities: 

    1. Responsible for the drafting of written materials, meeting minutes and meeting minutes of the company's high-level work meetings; 

    2. Responsible for the general manager's daily affairs and work schedule arrangement; 

    3. Responsible for the classification and filing of all kinds of documents and materials in the general manager's office; 

    4. Responsible for the collection, inspection and sorting of documents of all departments to be approved by the general manager and the confidentiality work; 

    5. Responsible for the communication between internal departments and external organizations; 

    6. Assisted each department in sorting out the organizational structure, department responsibilities and business processes, and drew relevant architecture charts and flow charts;


    Job Requirements: 

    1. Bachelor degree or above, engineering graduate; 

    2. Strong organizational, coordination and communication skills, excellent interpersonal and social skills, and keen insight; 

    3. Good team spirit, honest and reliable, good conduct, affinity, strong ability to work independently and public relations;

  • Laboratory Engineer (1)

    Job Responsibilities: 

    1. Responsible for testing and experiments related to materials and vacuum glass products; 

    2. Participate in the preparation experiment of materials. 

    3. Participate in the output of test reports. 

    4. Participate in the development of new test methods for materials and vacuum glass products. 

    5. Assist in the management of laboratory; 

    6. Complete other tasks assigned by superior.


    Job Requirements: 

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in materials (metal materials, inorganic materials, metallurgy); 

    2. Working experience in laboratory or research institute, material or product testing and analysis experience is preferred; 

    3. Able to undertake heavy responsibilities, good team spirit, strong writing and organization ability.

  • Mechanical Engineer (3)

    Job Responsibilities: 

    1. Responsible for mechanical design of automation equipment; 

    2. Responsible for equipment design and development, material selection, drawing and BOM; 

    3. Completed other tasks assigned by the leader.


    Job Requirements: 

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, automation or related; 

    2. Familiar with mechanical design software, familiar with the mechanical structure of various automation equipment; 

    3, Engaged in mechanical structure design, automation equipment mechanical structure design experience.

  • Application development engineer (3)

    Job Responsibilities: 

    1. Responsible for the application and development of vacuum glass products; 

    2. Responsible for docking with customers and optimizing structural design;

    3.Participate in the development and design of new products; 


    Job specification 

    1. Bachelor degree or above or equivalent; 

    2.At least 3-5 years working experience in household appliance or curtain wall structure design;

  • Electrical Engineer (3)

    Job Requirements: 

    1, Electrical automation/mechatronics related major; 

    Bachelor degree or above, capable of electrical system design independently; 

    Familiar with PLC, inverter and servo system, able to use PLC to program and control the electrical system; 

    4. Familiar with office software, able to use design software for circuit design, etc. 

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  • Production and Reserve cadres (10)

    The job description 

    1. Master the production process of vacuum glass; 

    2. Implemented the operation rules of the position; 

    3. Execute matters assigned by superior leaders;


    Job Requirements: 

    1.College degree or above; 

    2. Inorganic nonmetal, metal materials, materials, machinery, electrical and other science and technology majors 

    3. Good organizational skills, good communication and agreement skills 

    4. Proficient in office software 

    5. Be able to work hard 

    6. Welcome fresh graduates to join us, our company has a perfect career planning, help you grow.